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 Spotlight on Angel Coulby - Nice Girls TV, 2.04.10

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* Staff * The Musketeers

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MessageSujet: Spotlight on Angel Coulby - Nice Girls TV, 2.04.10   Lun 19 Avr - 2:42

For those unfamiliar with her prior film and television work, it may come as a surprise that Angel Coulby has been in constant demand since 2001. First cast in the British television series Orrible, Angel has become a staple in British television appearing in the British television series: Casualty, Having It Off, A Good Thief, Manchild, Making Waves, As If, Conviction, Vincent, Talk to Me, and The Visit. In addition to guest starring for multiple episode arcs on 7 television series in the span of 7 years, Angel simultaneously appeared in 12 more television series and 6 more films during the same time period. That is quite a remarkable achievement and is a testament to a very dedicated and driven young actress.

Angel Coulby stars as Gwen on Merlin

One of Angel’s roles of significance was her portrayal of Katherine, the lady in waiting to Sophia Myles’s character Madame de Pompadour in the episode “The Girl In the Fireplace” for the British sci-fi series Doctor Who. This particular episode is a stand out of the series and is not only a fan favorite, but also won a Hugo and Nebula awards for best script and best dramatic presentation in 2007.

Additionally, one of the key films Angel was lucky enough to work on was the comedy Imagine Me & You, a 1995 film co-starring Piper Perabo, Lena Headey, Matthew Goode and Anthony Head. (It is perhaps no small coincidence that Anthony Head also now co-stars with Angel in the British series Merlin, where he portrays the ruthless king Uther Pendragon.)

In her break-out role as Guinevere in the British television series Merlin, Angel Coulby portrays the young blacksmith’s daughter who will one day rule as the Queen of Camelot. As Gwen, Angel’s natural grace and vivaciousness is captivating. She lights up the screen and invites the viewer to feel what she feels – whether it be her stalwart and zealous support of the young apprentice Merlin, or her slowly developing crush and admiration of the boy who would one day be king, Arthur. As the series unfolds, it is a delight to watch the effervescent Angel continue to steal scenes with a mere look or subtle tilt of her head. Her entire presence evokes such silent eloquence that she is simply bewitching. It is easy to see how Arthur will, one day, sit up and take notice of the rare gem of a girl standing right in front of him.

Recently picked up for its third season in the U.K., the second season of Merlin begins airing in the U.S. on April 2, 2010 on Syfy.

Source : Nice Girls TV


Sir Lancelot, the bravest of them all
by DD

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Spotlight on Angel Coulby - Nice Girls TV, 2.04.10

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