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 [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip

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MessageSujet: [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip    Jeu 29 Juil - 18:52

Risque de spoilers

Merlin Cast Relieved Show Has Become A Hit

Appearing as quickly as if by the flick of a wand, 'Merlin' magically appears at Comic-Con

Making its first appearance at Comic-Con in San Diego, BBC's "Merlin" brought stars Colin Morgan and Anthony Head, along with creators/writers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy, across the pond to share what is up-coming for the show's third season.

Morgan, who plays the title role of Merlin on the show, was clearly pleased with the warm reception by the fans. Although jet-lagged from the whirlwind trip to San Diego from the UK, Morgan did not mind that he was essentially flying out for one day and then quickly returning so that he could film a major stunt sequence for the show. His enthusiasm and excitement for both the show and the privilege of promoting the show at Comic-Con was infectious. He, along with co-star Anthony Head, were just happy that they were getting this chance to meet the fans.

Due to the show's rigorous filming schedule, there is rarely a moment to breathe, let alone stop and fly half-way around the world. It was a miracle that they were able to carve out a window of time at all for such a jaunt. But by some lucky alignment of the stars, or perhaps a bit of Merlin's fabled magic, they arrived to share a bit about the family adventure show that has captured the hearts of children and adults around the globe. Currently airing in over 180 countries, "Merlin" has sky-rocketed in popularity.

Although the second season has just concluded airing in the U.S., the third season is already under way in Britain where the show films. Producer Johnny Capps shared that they are in fact shooting half way through the third season and finalizing post-production on the first few episodes. "Merlin's" season three is scheduled to air later this year in the U.K. and will hopefully air in the U.S. next Spring.

Like Morgan and Head, Capps and Murphy were just hugely relieved that the show has been so well received. When they first envisioned re-creating the tale of Arthur and Merlin, they were only hopeful that their vision would be embraced. Aiming for a similar approach as "Smallville" did with the "Superman" mythology, they chose to tell the story of Arthur and Merlin before they became the heroes of Arthurian lore. They wanted to portray Arthur (Bradley James) as a prince, who was not yet king, making him somewhat of an idiot, bully and braggart; while Merlin was a mere servant, not yet an awe-inspiring magician, who was just learning his craft -- a young innocent cursed with powers who no one fears or respects, and during a time when magic was banned. By subverting the mythology, they opened the doors to a whole new world of stories to be told about Merlin, Arthur and Camelot. The "before they were famous" approach was perfect. It gave them a doorway to invite an audience into their magical world.

As seen in the previous two seasons, Merlin and Arthur have gone from perfect strangers to a master-servant relationship to a quasi-brotherly relationship as they have come to respect and rely upon each other. Circumstances and destiny have thrown them together and they have not only made the best of it, it has laid the foundation of the relationship that will make them the iconic characters famously known in the stories about King Arthur and Merlin.

When asked about casting these larger than life roles, Capps and Murphy were quick to admit that they were incredibly lucky. It was challenging to find actors who could do a high concept show with a wide range as they would have to portray big emotional scenes which run the gambit between intense drama, light-weight comedy and high-octane action.

Without the perfect casting, the show may not have been as successful as it has been. But lightening appears to have struck and they got their dream cast.

In addition, there was the one key ingredient: Colin Morgan and Bradley James have good onscreen chemistry, which is necessary if anyone is to believe that they are not only friends, but that they would become life-long friends that would one day rule Camelot together.

But after watching the first 2 season of "Merlin," one can no longer wonder if Merlin should be an old man with a long beard and pointy hat, for this generation, there could be no one else than Colin Morgan as Merlin -- and the same can be said of all the other actors who seem to embody their roles effortlessly.

In addition, who knew that an actor best known as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer's" watcher would one day be just as famously known as the ruthless King Uther in "Merlin"? Yet after just a few seasons, Tony Head is clearly Uther to all the "Merlin" fans across the globe. Describing a few notable differences between the two shows, Head said that he missed the American craft services which provided an astounding array of tantalizing food each day versus the tea and biscuits provided on set for "Merlin." He conceded, though, that he did not miss the long hours, as American television typically films 14 to 16 hour days; whereas, in the U.K., they only work 11 hours a day. Thus, he is grateful to be working on "Merlin" which is the best job in the world -- not for all the craft services in the world!

As a special treat for the fans, a blooper reel was shown and immediately it was apparent that: (1) British actors are very polite when they mess up their lines and rarely use expletives, and (2) Tony Head has the most difficult time keeping a straight face and not laughing in all his scenes. In fact, watching it with the audience, he was a bit sheepish and laughed at his own inability to play scenes without cracking-up.

Another fun behind the scenes reveal was that the young cast of "Merlin" absolutely relishes any opportunity to be physical and to do their own stunts. So much so, that they practically give the show's producers heart-attacks each time they volunteer to do one. They are just too quick to jump out of buildings, fly around on wires and get a bit too close to the explosion and it is a wonder that nothing serious has yet happened to them.

Talking briefly about what to expect in the third season of "Merlin," Capps and Murphy revealed that there may be a romance ahead for Merlin. When Morgan noted that everyone Merlin loves tends to get killed off, Head quickly quipped, "I could introduce you to a good troll!" To which Morgan laughed and retorted, "I've heard they are good kissers!" As the laughter subsided, it was revealed that perhaps the Lady in the Lake may have found a way to return to the land of the living.

Also look for Uther's love for Arthur and Morgana (Katie McGrath) to be tested as his blind hatred of magic will continue to push those that he loves farther away. Uther's past will also come back to haunt him in a big way.

Season 3 will also ratchet up the search for and betrayal of Morgana who has indeed gone over to the dark side. No longer the damsel in distress or the fearful ward seeking to hide her abilities, Morgana will actively endeavor to bring about Uther's downfall. As the special preview trailer ominously stated, "the battle for Camelot is about to begin." So look for more of Morgana, the Lady in the Lake, the Knights of the Roundtable and the sword in the stone for the third season.

"Merlin" airs on the BBC and will return later this year.

Inside Blip
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MessageSujet: Re: [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip    Jeu 29 Juil - 19:00

les spoilers c'est dans les trois derniers petits paragraphes alors ça va ^^

merci nel, c'est un joli petit résumé cet article même si y'a des choses que l'on sait déjà et bien sur que la série a un casting parfait et essentiel pour que l'histoire fonctionne si bien!!!
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MessageSujet: Re: [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip    Jeu 29 Juil - 21:42

Citation :
So look for more of Morgana, the Lady in the Lake, the Knights of the Roundtable and the sword in the stone for the third season.
Ils résument bien

Merci Nel pour l'article


Merci DD Je me rends compte maintenant que tes merveilles m'avaient manqué.

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MessageSujet: Re: [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip    Jeu 29 Juil - 22:06

Que de bonnes nouvelles ! J'ai tellement hâte de revoir notre Freya Very Happy et oui, oui, oui, plus de superbes actes de bravoure chevaleresque et de chevaliers sexy (on pourra toujours leur rappeler que nous attendons Perceval hein ). Et puis l'arrivée triomphale de ma Morgana badass girl cheers !

Merci de ces infos ma Nel Very Happy !


Sir Lancelot, the bravest of them all
by DD

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MessageSujet: Re: [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip    Ven 30 Juil - 8:50

Merci Nel' ! I love you
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MessageSujet: Re: [Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip    

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[Saison #3] Colin Morgan & Anthony Head - Inside Blip

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